P  layalong Poms

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                                              Why A Pom?

Tips on Choosing and Enquiring about a Pomeranian

Beanie at 6 months

Pomeranians are very attractive, extremely intelligent little dogs which are becoming increasingly popular. However, few specialist breeders breed on what might be considered a large scale, the majority keeping within a limit of 1 to 4 litters per year. The number of puppies produced in a Pom litter is usually 1-3 , three being a large litter for a Pom! Caesarians are not uncommon and whelping can often have it's difficulties. Rearing a litter of small-breed puppies is not always easy, and many breeder/exhibitors do not let their puppies go to new homes (especially should the prospective owner have had little or no experience of a small breed) until they are 3 months old ... sometimes it can be 6-12 months.

From my experience of Poms, I can safely say that the males can be as affectionate as the females, sometimes more so.  Many times I have had enquiries stating a preference for a female, based largely on the assumption that males are more independent and dominant. There are exceptions to every rule, but I usually find the boys delightful characters. Poms are not easy to obtain and, limiting your choice to a girl  is likely to make your search even more difficult.

Black boy and Orange girl (grandfather and grand-daughter) equally delightful characters

Reputable breeders are usually extremely concerned that any Pom which they might have available, goes to the home most suited to its particular needs/character. Some Poms are very small and, personally, I would not let a small 3.5  to 4.5lb Pom go to a home with young children under 10 years old, or where there are larger or more boisterous dogs/pets. A Pom which has the potential to reach 5lb - 6.5lbs (fit weight) is a more sensible size for a family pet. This is still a small dog and can be as pretty and true to type as a smaller Pom. They are very intelligent, busy little dogs who thrive on human company. It would not be fair to the dog if it was left alone for  long hours on a regular basis.

Playalong Dancing Wolf 

Wolfie is a very striking Pom with an impressive pedigree (he is line bred to Ch. Derronills Maxamillion). He conforms to the breed standard in so many ways but, at 5.5lbs, he is 1lb over the recommended weight for a male.  A Pom of Wolfie's size would make an ideal family pet. obedience or agility dog. Wolfie has his KC Gold Citizens' Gold Award and now takes part in competitive obedience shows.  He is a fun dog, with the energy and stamina to go for long walks and is large enough to play games ... within reason. He has also qualified for Crufts from Veteran Classes during 2010 and 2011.


Playalong Black Bandana

Tadpole is a young male show-Pom and is expected to weigh approx 4lbs at maturity.Being so small and vulnerable, a Pom such as he, would be unsuitable for a home with young children or where there are larger, more boisterous pets running free.




Poms can be lively and amusing ...

or more sedate

Some enjoy the challenge of obedience/agility activities

Playalong Dancing  Wolf has gained his KC Gold GC Award

As you will have seen from the information provided, Poms can vary in size and the KC Breed standard allows for this up to a point. From experience, I have found that Poms which are towards the upper limits or slightly beyond, tend to be more versatile and more suitable as family pets as they are more robust. My larger Poms also age better, as a rule.